Exciting times for Eco Artists! (and those who see the connections with Human Rights)  Kira Corser is Co-Director of the Posts for Peace and Justice Project AND founder of Sea Changes ACT (a collaborative project on climate change, plastic pollution and overfishing) We are really excited about partnering with Ashley Mazanec, the Director of the Eco Arts Foundation and an amazing singer/composer working to make the world better.


Artist and former school principal, Carla Baldassari, shows off the Sea Changes ACT Book covering 3 years of collaboration with 13 artists and 7 scientists from UCSD, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Ca Fish and Wildlife and NOAA Fisheries.

Our Water Conservation,  Planet Protection, and our Joining Native American Voices for the Earth POSTS will be exhibited on June 25th at Moonlight Beach, Encinitas CA plus artwork from Sea Changes.

from our partner: 

Ashley Mazanec
Eco Arts Foundation Director
“EACEA and EcoArts will be featuring Sea Changes’ artist and Director Kira Corser at our pop up booth at Bro-Am. She will be bringing  eye catching water-themed Posts, as well as gorgeous silks displaying ocean creatures, and possible 3D jelly fish installations. Given the space and extra hands, we could also display some paintings. An activity Kira offered is fish mask watercoloring for which we will need: water color paints and brushes, hole punchers, copies of design on white card stock, markers/crayons, scissors, a table and 2+ chairs.  Based on the broam.org website 7AM – 3PM are Surf Events and 12PM-5PM is Live Music.
Excited! Thank you for all your contributions,”