African Woman’s Song for Peace Post
Carter Center, Atlanta GA is holding a forum with people around the world working on human rights issues. We are working on a Posts For Peace and Justice Exhibit and presentation of How International Human Rights Defenders can use art for their causes to promote – A Time for Peace…

POST DESCRIPTION: (Kira) I am stringing beads that people have either given me, or made with clay or paper and paint. Along with seed pods, the strings hang 13445388_10208180964193337_7394735957275084672_nfrom the tunic of the African Woman’s Song For Peace. Children and adults have contributed with prayers and wishes for peace while learning about injustice, orphans, health crisis, and violence. We are hoping to involve the attendees at the Carter Center Forum, when we participate and exhibit there next week!

The Post bottom includes facts about Africa’s wars and suffering.African post words

(Kira has a dear friend who works for the United Nations in the Congo. She was moved to make this Post after talking to Human Rights Defenders at last years Carter Center Forum.)

The Post top includes words from Nelson Madela and words from a traditional African song-

“May the long time sun 13417493_10208176826209890_7090286052256805706_n
shine upon you, 
all love surround you,
and the pure light
within you,
guide you on.”

Many people have either given or made beads along with prayers or wishes for peace. We are inviting you to send beads. We are showing the post at the Carter Center, and hope to invite others to hang a bead for peace and justice,  13418979_10208176824729853_8408525282927033733_n 

We encourage Peace Makers and Human Rights Defenders by promoting art as a voice for change….


  1. Our friend, Moses Nikangl runs an orphanage with 49 children. Please let us know if you can help market crafts?

Moses told me, They can make hand crafts, but I have no market where we can sell them if u can help and sell them for us we will be happy.  The b234b9_ac68342f2e114eb4afb4ba5ebb32ea95orphanage works “to develop and support Masaka’s children to live safer, healthier and more responsible.” lives.

2. We met an amazing Human Rights Defender at the Carter Center Bolanie Makanju signing Carter Post1 copylast year,  Bolanie Makanju supports women who have been trapped in human trafficking, prostitution and addiction. We encourage them to make art to tell stories. We are looking to have a Post Workshop in Nigeria with Bonanie and the women she works with. Here is her response,”Yes, Yes, YES!!! I will certainly love to, we love monuments and memorials in Nigeria. And this will certainly help healing and recovery‎ for victims and victors alike. It is most certainly a fabulous idea….and hope it can be done 🙂 

2.  Our friend from Kenyan, living in Seattle, Sironka is a Batik Artist and Maasai Dancer with a Dance Troupe he brings from Kenya for performances.  He presented fantastic performances and talks at California State University 13267929_138574526557751_6285023133760780441_nMonterey Bay, to some of our PPJ professor’s classes. 

Sironka works to help advance world peace as an artist:  He currently is teaching in Seattle and helping a photographic artist to prevent domestic violence in Africa.  Contact him if you can show artwork, host performances or want more info.

13321835_145358475879356_8129105915244433131_n“Other than Batik art workshops, I also very much welcome any opportunity to just speak at any venue on topical issues such as human rights, the girl child, and any other topic that may be a pressing matter of interest in the public eye, but relevant to peace building, and the good virtues that every human being should strive to uphold so as to make life for all a joyous and rewarding experience.”