“This post is representing all branches of the military. I want veterans to know your benefits: Where to go? What’s available? There are many difficulties in knowing the military process and tremendous run around to get anything done. IT TAKES YEARS TO RECEIVE AND PROCESS BENEFITS. Veterans must be persistent and never give up. MANY DO!” – Carla Grace Baldassari,

Carla is the widow of JOSE A.RAMIREZ. She made this post to help other vets and to honor her husband’s service in the Army for 21 years, 4 months, 6 days. When he retired the military lost his records and it took over 6 years to get his military retirement pay – three years after he died.

 PARTICIPANTS (INCLUDING ORGANIZATIONS): Congressman Mike Thompson, Santa Rosa Vet Connect – Richard Jones, President, Lou Nunez, retired Sonoma County Sheriff, Veteran, Mr. Nathaniel Pleasantbey II, Survivor Outreach Services, California Senior Lead State Coordinator US ARMY IMCOM HQ (US) Family and friends: Carla, Chata, Teresa, Cathy, Lupe, Rafa, Jose Luis, Tere, Robert, Jett, Derek, Eric, Steve, and Will and Iraq war veteran Seth Monroe, Afghanistan veteran paramedic quotes.

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