Abby DrueThe collaborators who worked on this post believe that education and freedom are important human rights.  This is what they wrote:

The Importance of Learning From That Different From Ourselves – Peace and Justice

     We have the right to have our own thoughts.
     We have the right to live, to be free, to be safe.
     We have the right to go to school
     Education is the key to unlocking the golden door to freedom

LEAD ARTIST/S: Abby Drue, Miriam Carp, and Jessica Caldas

PARTICIPANTS: Shoshana Caldas – 10 years old,
Talia Cohen – 6 years old, and Addison Coty – 9 years old 

FUNDERS/SPONSORS: The Ben Marion Institute For Social Justice, Inc. 

OUTCOMES/RESPONSES TO POST: This post is the result of an intergenerational response to the beliefs and meaning of the “International Declaration of Children’s Rights.” The six amazing collaborators involved, ranging in age from 69 years of age down to 6 years of age, explored together beliefs (contained in that Declaration) that felt important to each of them. They then discussed images for their Post that would illustrate and reinforce the words and thoughts they had selected from that Declaration.

Paints, collage and mixed media were incorporated in the resulting visual that moves and connects each side of the post into the final intimate and heartfelt statement.

The first workshop took place in the Atlanta area, in Decatur, Georgia at East Lake Commons (an Intentional Planned Community) We made 8 posts, and two of the children from the Ben Marion Institute for Justice also worked with the Artist named Hope, on a post “against bullying” and the “Dynamite” energy potential of  “exploding with kindness.”

About the Declaration. In 1959, the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child. It marked the first major international consensus on the fundamental principles of children’s rights.

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