The “Compassion in Action: Know Your Rights” Youth Leadership Summit 2017 event will be held at the Pico Youth and Family (PYFC) in Santa Monica on Saturday, December 2nd, 9am-4pm and location TBD on Sunday, December 3rd, 1-5pm.

 Compassionate California is hosting this event at Pico Youth and Family Center, Oscar De La Torre, Director, is working in partnership with Posts for Peace and Justice, and Felecia (Fe Love) Lenee as Coordinator and Director of Youth Programs, Compassionate ARTS in Action.

Compassionate California holds the vision for a state that is unified in its commitment to effectively preserve healthy, equitable and resilient communities through the methods of cooperation, collaboration and collective impact through compassionate action. We believe that insuring a state that focuses on the values of compassionate action and compassionate decision making acts as a much-needed model for the global community.

Together with Compassionate Partners, Cities, and Organizations within California we are fostering the fundamental principles and practices of universal respect supporting social/racial justice and making compassion a clear, luminous and dynamic force in our polarized world.

At the Youth Summit, we expect to convene 80- 100 of our Los Angeles community’s youth from various racial, ethnic, socioeconomic backgrounds, cultures and spiritual faiths for a critical dialogue and partnership on how to become more effective compassionate leaders.

The event is designed to educate, empower and encourage compassionate dialogue and collaboration between concerned youth with their community leaders at all levels, including advocates of Black Lives Matter, DACA, religious and spiritual leaders, law enforcement, elected officials, and others.

There will be interactive educational presentations, and empowering artistic collaborations, all while engaging in a compassionate dialogue for effective and lasting change.   Posts for Peace & Justice will be facilitating collaborative, hands-on workshops resulting in 7 completed 8-foot “Posts”  –  “compassionate visual conversations,” which will be exhibited and “posted” in social media.  

This Project is growing internationally and exhibited in the National Center for Civil and Human Rights, The Carter Center and Washington, D.C.  (; Facebook: Posts for Peace and Justice Project.)

 We would love for you to be one of our panelists on Saturday OR Sunday afternoon, during a 1+ hour discussion — each panelist allotted 5 minutes, and approx. 30 minutes devoted for Q & A.

Panelists are also invited to mentor/support one of the 7 “Compassionate ARTS in Action workstations, with Posts for Peace and Justice Co-Director, Kira Carrillo Corser.  Each Post (8’x5”x5”) is a collaborative effort with 10-15 participants artistically contributing during six, 45-minute break-out sessions throughout the weekend with in-depth exploration and dialogue to a specific topic.

Planned topics for the Posts are:

1.     Privilege in the U.S.A.— Mental Health, ADA, Socio-Economic, Racial, etc.

2.    Compassionate ARTS/Pico Youth and Family Center

3.    Hope: In Solidarity of Black Lives

4.    Compassionate Cops: Protecting and Serving All

5.     Soaring: Youth Leadership Empowering A Higher Education

6.    Dreamers: In Solidarity of Immigrant Lives

7.     Know Your Rights


Please note:  Panelists that are also interested in being a workshop mentor,

    your support and commitment would be needed for the full weekend.

Again, our weekend event is Saturday, December 2nd, 9am-4pm and Sunday, December 3rd, 1-5pm. If interested in mentoring a break-out session, please also list your top (3) topics in order of preference.  Again, if interested in being a workshop mentor, your support and commitment is needed for the full Youth Summit.

We do hope you can join us for this “Compassion in Action: How do we keep it Honest & Civil?” Youth Summit!  Please let us know your interest, and email requested items to Felecia “Fe Love” Lenee Williams at



 Youth Summit Coordination Team, Compassionate California:

Felecia “Fe Love” Lenee Williams, Lora O’Connor, Jo Ann Gaines, Carla Baldassari, Jennifer Colby and Kira Carrillo Corser

Compassionate California,

Compassionate California is a proud project of EarthWays Foundation, a non-profit public charity exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

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