We are human beings from another country looking for a better life, yet are often treated in our new host country as if we are objects without human feelings.
–  PPJ Artist in Atlanta, born in Columbia, South America

PPJ Best  Immigration

In the US the debate has been publicly harsh and hateful at times, with mothers and fathers, wanting better lives for their children, and children making terrifying heroic journeys often without any adults to help protect them. Immigrants are being discussed with disgust by commentators and elected officials.

The Cesar Chavez quote represents the reminder that supporting the unique and beautiful parts of each culture expands our own experience of the world. Denigrating another’s culture narrows our vision and breaks many hearts

The post was painted in black at the bottom to represent the darkness felt when humans are treated as unfeeling objects instead of human beings, represented by skeletons. The handprints represent who we really are … Peace, Love, etc. at our very essence.

Immigration Post

The skeletons are those of us who have died or felt dead because of the treatment we receive because of our immigrant status.

Artists on this post talked about the many ways that butterflies symbolize their experience of immigration.Butterflies know no borders, symbolized the belief that we are all part of one human race and should work together for a better life. The colors and life stages of butterflies also symbolize transformation and change. The title “Immigration is a Global Issue” is to remind all of us that if any of us ends up in another country due to circumstances beyond our control – we are no different as our essence, but we suddenly assume immigrant status.

Immigration templates on post

The butterflies represent our dreams of transformation to a healthy and happy life for ourselves and families. The butterflies were painted in large groups in the middle of the post to symbolize the importance the community and family can have when someone has a challenge or crisis. With group support in change, then a few butterflies spread their wings and fly to the top part of the Post. These find freedom and happiness because of the supportive community and family support.

The dancing person represents our hopes and dreams and how if the whole group holds up someone or if someone holds up the group as a whole, we can become who we really are in our full colors.

Immigration Post 1st group painting

immigration painting  group2

Immigration painting group

Immigration post group2

Immigration Post 1st group painting

Immigration post2

LEAD ARTIST: Luz and Kira

PARTICIPANTS: Juliana, Clara, GLAHR, SCAD and 5 children

FUNDERS: One Billion Rising for Justice, GLAHR, East Lake Co-Housing